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This film was released in the UK in September 2012. Any occasional screenings will still be posted here, but your best bet at this point is one of the following:

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Queen of Versailles


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  • "A meditation on marriage and a metaphor for the fragility of fortunes, big and small." – The Economist
  • "The loss of grotesque wealth has never been so entertaining – or weirdly moving – as in this riches-to-rags documentary" 4The Guardian
  • "Jackie could sell a few pairs of $17,000 Gucci boots on eBay and be richer than most of us. As for this doc, it’s priceless. " 4Time Out London
  • "A bizarre and mesmerising journey to the heart of Cloud Cuckoo Land. " 4Empire Magazine
  • 4Total Film
  • "Lauren Greenfield's documentary opens into a riveting American tragicomedy" 4The Independent
  • "Terrific documentary" 4The Times
  • "Greenfield finally manages to summon sympathy for people who at first seem vain, selfish and greedy. It’s quite an achievement" 4The Telegraph
  • "Prepare to be shocked, disgusted and compelled." 4Little White Lies
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